Character Bios

Race: Human

Sasha is a thief from Evanesce. She was raised by her brother after her parents died, and has a great interest in other Realms. She and her brother have recently aquired a club, and it seems as though their luck has finally turned around.

Race: Human

Arin is Sasha’s best friend. Arin usually joins Sasha in her exploits around Xantath and has earned the title of “thug” due to an over reliance on “aggressive negotiation” tactics. Arin is also well liked by Sasha’s brother, Bakko, and is often asked to go on errands for him.

Race: Human
Age: 28

Bakko is Sasha's brother. He is extremely tall and strong, and functions as the bar tender, owner, and bouncer of his club. He has numerous shady connections throughout the nine realms, and has used them to procure a wide variety of technology for the club. He is pretty easy going and generally pleasant in disposition, but he can be somewhat overprotective of his sister.

Race: Elf
Age: 20

Kino is an elf from Enliva. He is extremely laid-back and has a very pleasant disposition. He likes to flirt with pretty girls, but he has yet to settle down with anyone. He is well liked among the elves who regard him as something of a hero. He is fairly resolute, and will stand up against others if he sees something as unjust.