Game Screenshots

Alright, so it's not back up to full-size yet, but it's not out-of-date anymore and it'll get bigger.

There are three classes Sasha can achieve beyond her original theif class now: from left to right, Heavyblade, Shieldmaster, and Swordmaster. Each class has its own set of weapons or shields, and each reflects that in battle. To become one of the three classes, simply use its trademark weapon in battle; when sasha becomes proficient with it over any of the others, she'll advance in class.

As you've probably seen around the site, your relationships with people can effect dialog and events. Here is one of my favorite examples; anyone who initiates this conversation will get the following dialog:

If you're at least pretty good friends with Kino it'll go on to:

And if you're really close to Kino it'll finish with:

One interesting thing in Demon Gate is Sasha's ability to steal from people. Her theiving has its own level; the more you steal the better you get. To steal you just walk up to any NPC and begin speaking; if you can steal from them you'll see the option.

Sometimes you succeed:

And sometimes you don't:

If you fail then you get a chance to fight a guard; if you win, you're free. If he wins, you get a great look at my generic gameover screen. Due to a certain move all the guards know, your odds of winning aren't very good:

In general, it's best to try avoiding stealing from people who look like they might catch you; the elderly and children make pretty good targets until you get your theiving up.

And now for random screenshots, mostly composed by Travisuped and Chris, two forum regulars.